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When exceptional strength and durability is required, HyStrength is the solution.

Hard as nails

HyStrength offers compressive strength over 60 MPa.

Less materials

By carrying loads more efficiently than normal concrete, it reduces the amount of materials you need to place.

Reduced column diameter

HyStrength lets designers consider slimmer columns, so you’ve got more usable space to work with.

Improved durability

Resistance to abrasion and deterioration means long-term maintenance and repair costs are reduced.

Excellent for early-strength work, including where early traffic loading areas or early formwork stripping is required to meet tight project deadlines.

High durability applications, including marine industrial environments or buildings with demanding maintenance and safety requirements.


Engineered structures
Building foundations
Bridge pylons
High load bearing applications
Cantilevered structures
Slender structures
Large piers and piles
Pre-stressed and post-stressed structural beams, columns and floors

Concrete calculator

To use our intuitive concrete volume calculator, simply add the shape you need to calculate the totals below. You can add a reference to each calculation so you can email the total to yourself.

Please allow for an additional waste component of 5-10% to compensate for undulations in the ground and any unexpected variance.

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