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Key benefits of our Sustainable Concrete

Low Carbon Concrete

Low Carbon Concrete

Up to 50% C02 reduction compared to standard concrete.

Early Age Strength

Early Age Strength

Early age strength equivalent to standard post-tensioned concrete for faster construction.

Lower Shrinkage

Lower Shrinkage

Lower shrinkage than standard concrete. Tested in accordance with AS1012.13, HySustain’s average shrinkage ranges between 250 - 450 microstrain.

HySustain is available in a range of options and can be tailored to your project needs

Early Age Strength Properties

  • HySustain can achieve early age strength equivalent to standard post tensioned concrete, while achieving up to a 50% reduction in C02.
  • HySustain has improved flexural strength and modulus of elasticity (MOE).
  • HySustain provides greater engineering options due to superior early age strength.


Low Shrinkage Properties

  • HySustain has outstanding shrinkage properties. It cuts shrinkage in half, achieving 250 – 450 microstrain.
  • HySustain provides greater engineering options to designers, specifiers and architects due to lower shrinkage properties.


Post-Tension Slabs
Green Star Projects
Superior Durability

Superior Durability

By reducing the ability of harmful substances to move through the concrete, HySustain protects steel reinforcement from corrosion, extending the life of the structure.

HySustain provides up to 40% reduction in the chloride mitigation coefficient compared to standard concrete, and mitigates the potential expansion due to alkali-aggregate reactivity.



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