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More Than Concrete

The test of time, it can make or break businesses. At Hymix, we know all about this test, not just because we have been around for over fifty years, but because we manufacture premium concrete, a product that stands up to time better than most. So you could say, we know how to play the time game quite well and understand its value. With this confidence, we are taking a step forward and driving positive change across the concrete industry.

Hymix has grown from humble beginnings into a flourishing business, manufacturing and transporting premium quality concrete solutions to countless projects across Queensland, NSW, and Victoria. As the demand for concrete continues to rise, we have seen a negative side in the way our industry approaches business. Quality and reliable service has taken a backseat, customer relationships are short-lived and transactional. With confidence and trust at an all-time low, we’ve realised what sets Hymix apart from the rest. Unlike our competitors, our most valued commodity isn’t our product and short-term gains, for us it’s about putting people before concrete and understanding the value of our customer and their time.

To help express our vision and passion for change, we have developed an updated brand identity. Our transformed image isn’t just a new logo and colours, it’s a symbol of change that celebrates the core values that have shaped us into who and what we are today. Partnering with our updated identity will be a new decorative range of products perfect for the consumer market. The specialised range will enable you to understand what product best suits your needs while increasing the architectural value of your project in a cost-effective way. It’s now easier for our consumers to receive the service you deserve and discover the best solution for your project, large or small, start to finish.

At Hymix, we strive to be approachable, trustworthy and dependable, while offering industry-leading products. We value our long-term partnerships with our clients and make sure their projects keep moving forward. It’s about time the concrete industry shifted to a more customer-focused approach and Hymix is excited to be the leader of this change.


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