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The Mighty Semi-Agitator

Save time and get more done. At Hymix, we are delivering loads of extra value with our mighty Semi-Agitators. For our customers, it’s about time, that’s why we are always striving to offer better service and products. It’s about getting the job done right and more efficiently – meaning fewer resources and labour costs.

Hymix’s Semi Agitators are lightweight, extremely manoeuvrable and are more cost-effective. They have larger load capacities and an ability to make fewer movements to complete your pours. These trucks are built to deliver large loads and quickly navigate tight and complicated sites.

They measure at 2.45m wide and 3.8m tall, our Semi-Agi’s width and height are the same as your traditional rigid concrete trucks. They also have independent trailer steering, giving them a tighter turning circle and reduced wheel drag – resulting in less tearing of site surfaces. These trucks know their way around a job site, both forwards and backwards they can zig-zag, crab-walk, jack-knife while offering multiple onsite unloading options.

This impressive manoeuvrability can be loaded up to a total of 11.5m3 (state rules dependent) topping a rigid truck by 4m3 which is generally maxed out at 7.5m3. Larger loads allow you to get the job done faster. That’s fewer loads per-hour, less labour time per-hour – resulting in overall lower costs.

The Semi Agitators have a lot to offer. Take advantage of the multiple onsite unloading options, experience less pouring time, order larger loads and watch them navigate your site safely, and efficiently. They don’t just save you time and money, they simplify your job. If it’s about time, money and getting the job done right, make your next booking with Hymix and order a Semi-Agi for your next pour.

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